Wednesday 18 March 2009



Do you like monster movies, but dont want Godzilla or Predator’s face emblazoned across a T-shirt? Check out Nerdoh’s brand new King Kong inspired number...

One of the most epic, coolest, action packed movies of the last 10 years, Peter Jackson’s King Kong was a feast of CGI, great acting (Jack Black as Denham) and classic storyline.

Nerdoh’s own inspiration to pay homage to this movie is the S.S. Venture - the ship Denham used to get to Skull Island. Also included in the design is the port from which the S.S. Venture came, Surabaya plus “New York to Skull Island” text along with “Adventure of a Lifetime” all in a distressed design.

So, you might not be able to make it on a cruise to Skull Island this year, but you can always grab one of these cool tees as a souvenir of a great voyage.

Produced on a Super Premium chocolate pre-shrunk T-shirt.

All our movie t-shirts are £18. FREE postage WORLDWIDE.
Purchase this quality piece of movie inspired memorabilia below.
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