Friday 6 May 2011

NEW - Starship Troopers Baseball Cap

Nerdoh’s new baseball cap is inspired by Starship Troopers and the Roughnecks Division - Mobile Infantry.

Produced on a SUPER quality dark blue cap, embroidered in gold, we have their army logo. Where with pride as you battle the bugs of Klandethden!

Check it out HERE

NEW - Zombie-Superman Mash-up!

Brand New to our range of designs is this Zombieman t-shirt design.
Super quality royal blue t-shirt with a distressed, Red, Yellow and Black print on.

Like Zombies? Like Superman? Check it out HERE

NEW - Back to the Future T-shirt

Brand new to our collection is this Back to the Future inspired design.
Mad professor, Dr Emmett Brown, invented the Flux Capacitor and in doing so, time travel.
This large front print shows the Doctor’s blueprint and scribblings in his quest. On the back we have a quote from him, Great Scott!

Check it out on our Brand New Site!