Tuesday 27 October 2009

ZULU - New Lady-Fit Tee

Having been asked many times to expand our lady-fit range, Nerdoh are obliging with yet another of our popular men’s tees now being available in this style.

In blue, white and black on a red lady-fit tee in a distressed print we have this Michael Caine/Zulu inspired design.

Check it out at our website in the Ladies Section. Thanks.

Friday 23 October 2009

IRON MAN - Lady-Fit Style T-shirt

We have been asked many times to extend our range of Lady-fit designs...so we are!!

First up is our Iron Man inspired design printed on a Lady-fit light pink shirt. Available in S, M, L and shaped to fit, instead of big and baggy.

Hopefully, we will have more designs coming out for you ladies out there, so please keep an eye-out on our website or News pages.

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Inspired by one of the superstars of the 80s & 90s, Arnie, we have this super cool design based on the Mars Federal Colonies in Total Recall.

The most expensive movie ever made at the time, Nerdoh have used a Texas Orange ultra premium t-shirt with an industrial, distressed print in Grey and Red, which fades to the edges.

Looks even better in the cotton!!

Check it out at our site HERE.

Thursday 22 October 2009

EVENT HORIZON - New Tee Out Now!

Inspired by Paul W Anderson’s creepy scifi horror, Event Horizon, Nerdoh have this brand new, quality design.

The spaceship Lewis & Clark set out to the Event Horizon on a rescue mission, only to find that all hell, literally, has broken loose.

Printed on military green, as in the movie, in red and black with Dr Weirs details printed near the bottom of the shirt at the hem, including his Blood Group, DNA, tissue type etc. With the USAC and Lewis and Clark logos as the chest print.

We love this film and hope the shirt does it justice.

Check it out HERE.

Friday 16 October 2009


Halloween movie inspired t-shirt.

From John Carpenter’s classic 80s slasher movie comes our suitable Haddonfield movie t-shirt. A distressed worn look, printed in halloween orange and white.

Haddonfield, Warren County, Illinois is where the movie is set (and apparently where Debra Hill was brought up) and we have added Michael Myers last know home - Haddonfield Mental Institute.

So for all our movie fans with a screw loose, this could be the t-shirt for you, the ultimate Halloween movie t-shirt!! :)

On a black super premium 100% cotton t-shirt to our usual high quality.

All our movie t-shirts are £19. FREE UK postage, LOW WORLDWIDE.
Purchase this quality piece of movie inspired memorabilia below.
Please click image to enlarge.

ALIEN - NEW!!!!!

NEW FOR 2009

We have a second Alien design. Again, based on the Nostromo, but we have given it a very industrial, distressed look on a graphite grey, premium t-shirt, which we hope echos the dark, Industrial/Geiger designed film.

Also incorporating the Weyland-Yutani logo in the movie and their corporate catchline...“Building Better Worlds”.

We hope this is a complete contrast to our other Alien design - which is a near replica of the Nostromo crew badges, printed on our black premium t-shirt.

All our movie t-shirts are £19. FREE UK postage, LOW WORLDWIDE.
Purchase this quality piece of movie inspired memorabilia below.
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We have a brand new t-shirt design available, inspired by the Spielberg classic, Gremlins.

The amazing Bathroom Buddy!!! Shaving mirror, Razor, Toothbrush, Nail clippers etc etc all in one handy piece of kit. Made in Kingston Falls by Mr Peltzer - Not just any old Gizmo!?

Printed in 5-colours (Light Green, Cream, Dk Cream, Black & Grey) on a Deep 'gremlin' green super premium t-shirt. Available in all sizes from s-xxl.

Check it out on our SITE now, along with a host of new products including Baseball Caps, fictional hotel movie towels, Ski hats and iconic movie wallets.

Friday 9 October 2009

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!!! NEW Monroeville Tee

If you know either the original George Romero Dawn of the Dead or the new comedy, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, then you’ll know about Monroeville Zombies.

We have gotten some of these cracking looking Monroeville Zombie t-shirts in, which follow in the same style as in the movie. Available in either Super Premium t-shirts or lovely thick, warm hoodies - ready for winter - in grey!!

Check them out HERE.

Thursday 1 October 2009


Having been inspired by this great movie and released our take on the Mobile Infantry, Do You Want To Know More?, we are now producing the same design on one of our thick, super premium hoodies - ready for those cold winter nights!!!

A Deep Navy colour with a cream distressed print, gives it a 'worn-in' look, but a brand spanking new feel. Super thick and quality made to last n last.

Check it out with our other hoodies HERE. Thanks.