Thursday 16 April 2009


NEW FOR 2009

The latest movie inspired t-shirt for the new year is inspired by the ultra spooky Silence of the Lambs.

However, as all Nerdoh Tees, isnt the obvious, and we focus upon NOT Hannibal Lecktor but the other serial killer in the movie - Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill!!!

There are some brilliant scenes with this character in the movie, none more so than 'Bill' having a dance in his newly stitched-up skin suit in front of the mirror with....well, im sure we have all seen it. There’s also the death pit scene, where one of his victims is incarcerated and being asked to..."put the lotion on her body......put the f*cking lotion on your body" - pretty dark and scarey, by all accounts, but a classic quote and scene.

To this end, Nerdoh have this mega-cool movie t-shirt, with our distressed and worn looking print and design - Buffalo Bill with Skinning and Needlework scratched underneath and a disturbing picture of Buffalo Bill starting up and moving away from his camera. All in a deep blood red and cream print.

Hopefully, this is different from all the boring, humdrum designs inspired by Silence of the Lambs and featuring Hannibal Lecktor, his mask or the death moth!!

Please let us know what you think as we are always open to feedback.
All our movie t-shirts are £19. FREE UK postage, LOW WORLDWIDE.
Purchase this quality piece of movie inspired memorabilia below.
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