Wednesday 10 December 2008


The ultimate Life of Brian movie t-shirt!!

Probably one of the most controversial, iconic and FUNNY movies ever made.

This Monty Python’s Life of Brian inspired movie t-shirt nod’s a smiling head at Brian’s attempt at helping the People’s Front of Judea in getting the Roman’s to leave. As everyone knows, he got caught graffiti-ing the walls by a Roman Guard who gave him a lesson in Latin.

This Life of Brian movie t-shirt let’s you become a member of the infamous PFJ (People’s Front of Judea) and NOT, yes NOT, the Judean People’s Front - SPLITTERS!!!

It also captures their motto (gramatically correct), Romans Go Home! in Latin.

Printed in a distressed-look brown and flesh on a sand coloured super premium 100% cotton t-shirt to our usual high quality.

All our movie t-shirts are £19. FREE UK postage, LOW WORLDWIDE.
Purchase this quality piece of movie inspired memorabilia below.
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